Membership Offers

Offer 1 – Trial Membership

Period of Trial Membership             3 months

Playing Rights                                     Full playing rights

Cost                                                      $1,000

Trial membership can only be used once and does not apply to previous members.


Offer 2 – 1/2 Price Joining Fee

For a limited time we are offering new members joining as a full member, a reduction of 50% off their joining fee. This is a saving of $1500!


Offer 3 – Previous Member Initiative

At Roseville we welcome back previous members. We are currently offering previous members who would like to rejoin the club, a discounted joining fee. Instead of the normal $3,000 joining fee, previous members can rejoin for just $500 – a saving of $2,500!


Offer 4 – Family Member Offer

Immediate family of existing members who wish to join as a full member, can take advantage of a reduced joining fee of $500 for the extra family member.