Women’s Golf

Roseville Golf Club has a proud history of active involvement and participation in golf by our women members.

From the establishment of the club in 1923, the women have played a major part in the development and success of the club. The historical photographs clearly display this early involvement.

Today, Roseville is arguably one of the strongest female clubs in the golf industry in Australia. With over 400 registered playing members, the women enjoy an equal position in the playing calendar, in club affairs, and in the social well-being of the club.

This very active group of women members reflects the strong Roseville tradition of warm friendship and welcoming environment.

The shorter course is ideally suited to women, even though it still presents a very challenging round of golf.

The Club’s progressive approach to women members provides equal access to the course, including Saturday competitions, and Club house facilities. Women are well represented on the Club’s Board and Board Committees and encouraged to take leadership roles in the Club. The Club’s Board must comprise a minimum of two female directors, one of which is the Women’s Captain who is also co-chair of the Match and Green’s Committee with the Men’s Captain. The Membership Experience Committee develops strategies with the Club’s management to deliver a high quality membership experience to all members, including social and charity functions.


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Wednesday Clinic – Fully Booked For 2024

Roseville, which already has a healthy women’s membership, has approached the introduction to golf wisely for anyone interested in learning to play golf properly and wanting to be taught in a structured and professional environment. The program of weekly lessons is spread over a nine month period and is offered at a substantial discount to normal fees.

Participants will graduate with well developed skills, that will equip them to play golf on any standard of course, anywhere. They will also receive detailed education and knowledge of the etiquette, rules and technical aspects of the game and become familiar with all the golf terms and the golf course.

The Clinic includes an active involvement between Roseville’s PGA Professionals and experienced female club members who provide teaching, education, knowledge, support and that level of comfort that “you do not have to get it right straight away”. Players are mentored on course for the duration of the clinic which is held in a relaxed and fun environment and supports and nurtures new friendships and social interfaces.

Finally, all graduates who join the Club will receive membership of Golf Australia with an approved GolfLink handicap. This is your passport to playing golf with your family and friends anywhere in Australia


A message from one of our 2023 Clinic graduates

“I benefited so much from the 2023 Roseville Ladies Golf Clinic. The teaching Pros were very generous with their time and encouragement and the 2023 class of ladies were great fun to learn with. Weekly structure was good as was the progressive introduction to playing rounds of golf and even towards competitive golf. One of the great outcomes I took away was meeting the more experienced ladies and my integration into playing in the ladies competition while initially scary has been very enjoyable.”

Lisa Beard-Class of 2023




"The Club's progressive attitude towards women's golf and the strength and friendliness of the women's membership make joining Roseville an easy decision." Susannah Fortin, Women's Captain