Saturday Clinic – a structured pathway to membership


You have decided that you want to join a golf club and play on a regular basis. You have some golfing skills and can hit the ball, although not with the accuracy and reliability that you would like.

Perhaps you play golf socially with friends from time to time and now want to play more seriously. Maybe you used to play, until work or family responsibilities got in the way. Or your previous experience in other sports indicates that you can successfully add golf to your repertoire.

You believe that there’s a good prospect that, with suitable practice and perseverance, you will be able to maintain a respectable handicap.

But how do you get started? You haven’t got a handicap, your knowledge of the rules is almost non-existent and you don’t know anyone.

Relax, we’ve got you covered. Enrol for our Clinic, run on Saturday afternoons over a 12 week term for adults of any gender and we’ll get you up to speed properly.

This Clinic combines hands-on training by a PGA Pro, classroom learning and mentored on-course play. The PGA Pro will cover putting, short iron play (chipping and pitching), the full swing and bunkers. Classroom learning will include golf etiquette, the rules of golf, methods of play, scoring and course care. Mentored by RGC members, on-course play will provide an opportunity to put your skills into action in a relaxed atmosphere.

Successful completion of the Clinic will see you well placed to apply to join Roseville Golf Club and able to demonstrate the basic golfing background and knowledge required for full membership.

The program

Weeks 1 – 6

90 minute group training with a PGA Pro (max. class size of 8).
Then, 45 minute Clubhouse activity such as golf etiquette or Rules of Golf.

Weeks 7 – 12

45 minute group training with a PGA Pro (max. class size of 8).
Then, 90 minute on-course activity (groups of 2 or 3 players). Mentored by Roseville members, we’ll initially play shortened holes to build up your skills and confidence. Each week, we’ll build up the distance. By the final week, you’ll be playing full holes.


$495. If necessary, golf clubs can be borrowed from the Pro Shop at no charge.


The Saturday Clinic will not be running in 2024.




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